We Accept:

***Please see "Merchandise Prep Tab" for full list of acceptable seasonal items. ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN, STAIN FREE, AND EXCELLENT USED CONDITION.
Gently used clothing, accessories, toys, shoes, cloth diapers and DVDs. We also accept children/youth/teen furniture, bunk/loft/trundle beds, bedding, sports equipment, bicycles, out-door toys, books, games, puzzles, slings/baby carriers, strollers, car seats, booster seats, high chairs, pack-n-plays, swings, CLOSED SYSTEM breast pumps ONLY (Please see the 'New this sale' page for acceptable brands/styles).......

We Don't Accept:

Toys with missing parts or broken pieces.
Puzzles with missing pieces
Games with missing/broken pieces
VHS Movies.
Stuffed Animals that are not electronic or a specific character
Stained, torn or extremely worn clothing/shoes.
Adult/Mature rated material of any kind.
Used bottle nipples or pacifiers.
Used underwear/panties.
Open system breast pumps. (Please see the 'New this sale' page for acceptable brands/styles)
Women's clothing