Here are some guidelines to help as you prepare your items for the sale. Click here to see what is acceptable and not acceptable for the sale.

Supplies Needed

HANGERS – in order to protect your clothing items we only accept plastic hangers. Find plastic hangers at Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar Stores. Retail plastic hangers are acceptable too.

STRING TAGS – Avery White Marking Tags Strung (size 1.75 x 1.093 inches) are required on each item to affix our barcode labels to. You can find these at Wal-Mart, office supply stores, the Rhea Lana Store or large quantities may be purchased from Amazon.

You’ll also need re-sealable bags (for shoes, small toys, etc…), masking tape, scotch tape, sharpie, and safety pins. For large quantities of quality safety pins we recommend ordering from Cleaners Supply .

If you would like to print your barcodes at home you’ll need adhesive address labels size 1” X 2 5/8” (30 up). We recommend ordering from Amazon Here. Please note: all labels printed at home MUST be printed in color.


For the SPRING & SUMMER SALE we will NOT accept long sleeves, jacket, or any winter wear. We will STILL accept jeans, dress pants, and long sleeve dress shirts.

For the FALL & WINTER event we will NOT accept swim suits, tank tops, sleeveless tops/ dresses, and beach/ pool toys. We will accept shorts, sandals, and t-shirt in addition to typical winter wear (it IS Florida afterall!).

-Jeans, dress pants, button down dress shirts, shorts and flip-flops are accepted at all events.

Please take time to:

1) Check for holes, stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, missing buttons, etc. We will be double checking at the store and will not receive any item that is not in excellent condition.

2) Please wash and iron your clothes

3) Use Plastic Hangers ONLY. NO metal hangers! Note: Use children's sized hangers for sizes 6 and below. Use larger/adult sized hangers for sizes 7/8 and above.

4) Group items together so that they will equal a value of at least $4.00. Infant sleeping gowns, onesies and children's pajamas are great items to bundle together as a set of 2 or 3. Pin them together on one hanger.

5) Pin all pants to a hanger or use a pant hanger. Pants that are folded over on a hanger do not sell well.

6) Teen Clothing We accept teen clothing in CURRENT style. We DO NOT accept women's clothing. Here are brands we love: abercrombie & fitch, adidas, aeropostale, american eagle, billabong, bke, brandy melville, charlotte russe, converse, dc, forever 21, free people, guess, h&m, hollister, jordans, la hearts, levi's, lucky brand, lululemon, miss me, nike, obey, on the byas, pink by victoria secret, roxy, sperrys, steve madden, top shop, true religion, under armour, vans, xhilaration

7) All sets and accessories need to be pinned securely together, with pants hung on the back of the shirt at the shoulders. Both pieces need to be viewable without unpinning them. If a shirt/pant set are on separate hangers, rubber band the hangers together and put a safety pin through both pieces.

Clothing Limits
In order to keep our inventory high-end and of the highest quality, we are limiting consignors to 250 items per consignor code. Please carefully check your items and bring ONLY YOUR BEST!

-Infant clothes(size NB-12m) are limited to 35 items per consignor code. Bundles count as 1 item.

-Maternity Clothes are limited to 20 items per consignor code that are clean and in current fashion. Our moms to be like to dress trendy!


We will be accepting like-new shoes, sneakers, and flip flops! Shoes require special attention, so please follow these guidelines to be sure shoes remain together:

1) Write your consignor number and price on masking tape, and place on bottom of each shoe.

2) Safety pin the price tag to a shoe lace or through the shoe eyelet.

3) Attach them together with a zip tie or STRONG safety pin.


We will no longer be accepting Crib Bedding Sets or Comforter Sets in any size.
We will still accept sheets (up to a size full bed), breathable bumpers, and blankets (no comforters).


Hang and pin blankets over hangers so that shoppers can see them. If they are small receiving blankets, group 2 or 3 together in a Ziploc bag and seal with clear plastic tape. Tape the tag to the Ziploc bag. Write your consignor number and price on the Ziploc bag with a Sharpie in the case that the string tag comes off during the sale.
Blankets with stains will not be accepted.

Loose/Multiple Small Items

Bottles, bibs, rattles, socks, bows, etc group together appropriately in Ziploc bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Tape tag strings to Ziploc bag. Write your consignor number and price on the outside of Ziploc bag.


WE ACCEPT DVD's ONLY. Double check to make sure the DVD works without skipping. DVD's with a noticeable amount of scratches, will not be accepted.
We do NOT accept VHS tapes! We DO NOT accept movies or video games that are Rated R or Mature.

Cribs & Furniture

We will NOT accept any cribs manufactured before Dec 31, 2010. Cribs will need to be assembled in the store.

Must be clean. Attach the string tag directly to the item with tape.

Toys, Games, Puzzles and Sports Equipment

Must be clean and in working order, FRESH batteries included!
-Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely.
-Board Games and boxed puzzles should be taped closed.(They must contain all the pieces or we will not accept it!)
-Wooden Puzzles, books, and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in ziploc bags. Tape bag closed securely with clear packing tape. Tape tag to the outside of the bag. Write your consignor number and price on the bag with a Sharpie.
-Puzzles can also be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap to keep the pieces intact.

-When tagging large toys it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor number and price. This will allow us to sell your toy even if the tag comes off.

Toy recall information- We reserve the right to pull any toy that we think might have been recalled. To help us, please do not bring any toys that have been subject to a recall. You may check the following website for current toy recalls: Also for a helpful resource made available by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Click here.

Stuffed Animals

We DO NOT accept stuffed animals unless they are electronic or Movie character.(such as Disney, build-a-bear, Webkinz<-must have code attached) We do accept super over sized stuffed animals.

Car Seats/Boosters

Car seats must have been manufactured within the past five years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. Please check the following website for current recalls: All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. You will be asked to sign a car seat waiver stating your car seat has all the pieces, has never been involved in an accident, and was purchased NEW by you. Car seats will be closely inspected for safety reasons.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to help! Contact Rachel Tarro at